Colombia Viviana Realpe Pink Bourbon
Colombia Viviana Realpe Pink Bourbon
Colombia Viviana Realpe Pink Bourbon

Colombia Viviana Realpe Pink Bourbon

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Clementine, Milk Chocolate, Lemon

Farm: Los Nogales

Varietals: Pink Bourbon 

Processing Method: Fully Washed & Dried on Raised Beds

Viviana, along with her husband Pablo and their son Juan Pablo, manages Los Nogales, a 7-hectare farm nestled in Huila, Colombia. As a proud member of the local Los Guácharos producer collective, Viviana benefits from their support in agronomy, soil health, and infrastructure, all aimed at preserving the natural beauty surrounding her farm. With guidance from Los Guácharos, Viviana is gradually transitioning towards organic farming, a journey she and Pablo approach with careful consideration to maintain steady production and safeguard their livelihoods.

Within her diverse array of coffee varieties, Viviana takes special pride in her pink bourbon coffee trees, which yield a remarkable harvest. Meticulous harvesting is followed by a thorough process: cherries undergo flotation to eliminate any inconsistencies, then they are depulped, washed, fermented, and meticulously dried. This meticulous approach yields a coffee that dazzles with notes of clementine, milk chocolate, and lemon.

Viviana and Pablo epitomize the spirit of our coffee lineup—youthful, ambitious, and innovative. Their commitment to transitioning to organic production while ensuring consistent yields underscores their dedication to quality and sustainability. As active members of the Los Guácharos group, they craft organic pesticides and fungicides, vital for nurturing their trees year after year. Additionally, they've implemented a natural water filtration system, ensuring their production leaves a positive environmental footprint.

Pink Bourbon, a prized sub-variety within the bourbon family, flourishes on Viviana's farm, boasting around 8000 trees. Post-harvest, cherries from this lot undergo a unique fermentation process in closed grain pro bags, enhancing the coffee's sweetness. Subsequent depulping and fermentation in pickle barrels further refine the flavor profile, resulting in a double-fermented washed pink bourbon coffee bursting with clean fruit notes.

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