Colombia Hugo Melo
Colombia Hugo Melo
Colombia Hugo Melo

Colombia Hugo Melo

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Plum, Molasses, Bergamot

Farm: Finca El Renacer

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Caturra Chiroso

Processing Method: Extended Fermentation & Fully Washed

 Meet Hugo and his extended family, spanning three generations, as they passionately cultivate coffee in the serene outskirts of Alto del Obispo, nestled in the secluded southwest region of Huila, Colombia. Working alongside his brother-in-law, Yamid, Hugo lovingly tends to both the soil and the coffee trees, ensuring meticulous care and attention.

In 2022, they embarked on a significant tree pruning initiative, a proactive measure to safeguard against pests and fungi. Taking sustainability to heart, Hugo and Yamid craft organic fertilizer from compost, enriching the soil with vital minerals like potassium for robust and healthy coffee tree growth. The result is a fertile ground at El Renacer, harmoniously combined with the unique microclimate of high altitude, producing coffees with enzymatic delights.

Post-harvest, Hugo and Yamid meticulously process their cherries, beginning with a float to remove any unripe ones, followed by pre-fermentation, washing, and a second round of fermentation. The cherries are then carefully dried for nearly a month. The outcome is Hugo's exceptional coffee—an exquisite bouquet of flavors, featuring prominent notes of plum, molasses, bergamot, dark chocolate and fig. Indulge in a cup that reflects the warmth and dedication poured into every step of its journey from farm to your mug.

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