Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry
Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Cola, Black Cherry

Body: Milky

Acidity: Mild

Varietals: Typica

Processing Method: Washed

Extended family ties bind this coffee supply chain together. Vikram Patel operates Benchmark Coffee Traders from Chicago, Illinois, while his cousin Vijay manages the Sigri & Bunum Wo coffee estates in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Both estates prioritize high-quality coffee production and community development, exemplified by the Carpenter Estates' provision of year-round housing and free education for workers' children in estate-run schools.

On Sigri Estate, Peaberry coffee emerges as a natural mutation, where a coffee cherry produces a single small seed instead of two. Harvested at optimal ripeness, all coffee cherries undergo triple washing and 72-hour fermentation before drying. Subsequently, the coffee is processed at the dry mill for export preparation. Here, peaberry coffee beans are meticulously separated from the rest using screen and densitometric sorting, facilitated by their noticeably smaller size. Once sorted into their distinct lot, this Peaberry coffee is shipped to Sisters via Benchmark Coffee Traders.

In the cup, we encounter enticing notes of cinnamon, cola, and black cherry, a testament to the meticulous care and quality upheld throughout the supply chain.

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