Brazil João Hamilton Catucai Natural
Brazil João Hamilton Catucai Natural

Brazil João Hamilton Catucai Natural

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Cantaloupe, Caramel, Orange

Body: Syrupy

Acidity: Low

Varietals: Catucai

Processing Method: Natural

After witnessing the slow degradation of his family’s and neighbors’ land throughout his life, João decided to join forces with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) in 2008. Over time, the soil on his farm had eroded, the water had been contaminated, and birds no longer visited Serra Dos Cigano, the mountain where Sítio Canaã is located. FAF, owned and operated by the Croce family, is a vertically integrated coffee farm and exporter near Caconde in Mococa, Brazil. Specializing in organic and regenerative coffee cultivation, FAF was the perfect partner for João as he sought to rebuild the ecology of Serra Dos Cigano.

Since they began working together, the soil at Sítio Canaã has been regenerated, the watershed has been cleaned, and wildlife has returned. João has also become a master of coffee processing, expanding and upgrading the infrastructure at Sítio Canaã. He built extensive raised drying beds and expanded the milling capacity. João hopes to create a processing school for his neighbors to teach them advanced coffee processing techniques, helping them improve coffee quality and increase income.

Sítio Canaã sits just below 1,400 meters above sea level (MASL) in Caconde, Brazil. This high altitude for its southern latitude creates a unique microclimate with cold nights and warm days, ideal for coffee cherry development. João’s endeavors and relentless pursuit of excellence yield a truly unique offering from Mogiana, with notes of cantaloupe, caramel, orange, pear, and milk chocolate.

Situated at 1,380 meters above sea level, Sítio Canaã benefits from the steep temperature gradients created by its high altitude. These temperature swings slow sugar development in the coffee cherries, resulting in unique and beautiful enzymatic flavors. Careful hand selection of the ripest cherries during harvest and João’s meticulous processing yield a delicious, full-bodied cup with notes of cantaloupe, caramel, and orange.

What makes this coffee special? This is one of the most elegant Mogiana coffees you will find. The terroir of Mogiana, with lots of sun and significant temperature changes between night and day, promotes sugar development in the cherries. When roasted, this results in a long sweet finish and a creamy body as the polysaccharides give texture to the mouthfeel. The dry harvest period allows for a very clean natural process fermentation, with notes ranging from fresh fruit to dried fruits. The Obatã varietal has adapted very well, enhancing the terroir with a big body and adding higher acidity with a bergamot floral citrus touch. João Hamilton is a high-quality producer who invests heavily in improving his soil with regenerative measures. This year, our FAFCoffees agronomist remarked while analyzing João Hamilton’s soil, “The soil from Sítio Canaã is so good you could sell it as fertilizer!”

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