Rwanda Nyampinga Women&

Rwanda Nyampinga Women's Cooperative

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Flavor Notes: Apricot, Molasses, & Dried Fig

Farm: 235 member farmers in the town of Huye

Processing Method: Fully Washed & Dried on Raised African Beds

Rwanda Nyampinga Women's Cooperative - Land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is nestled at altitude on the southeastern edge of the East African Rift. Atop one of the thousand hills in southern Rwanda sits the Nyampinga Women’s Cooperative. Founded in 2014, the Nyampinga Women’s Cooperative is one of Sisters Coffee’s closest producer relationships. In 2015, the Co-op’s first export to the States was among our first Roaster Series offerings, and their coffee is a pillar of our yearly offerings. Nyampinga’s growth since its inception is staggering. Each year the women-run cooperative continues its quality-first focus through meticulous processing while increasing in membership, now at two hundred and thirty five members. The women own two coffee plots adjacent to their washing station where they grow coffee, working with agronomists to employ good agronomic practices ensuring the health and production of their trees. They also accept coffee cherries from community members living in the area surrounding the washing station. Nyampinga provides a platform for their community to grow and thrive, offering healthcare to its members and education for their children. Allied with Sustainable Growers, sister company to Sustainable Harvest in Portland, Oregon, Nyampinga has become a model cooperative in Rwanda. They are now the prototype for the Rwandan government as they seek to help other cooperatives within the country succeed. We are so happy to bring Nyampinga’s coffee back into our lineup for the 7th consecutive year. This year’s Nyampinga is sweet and clean with notes of apricot, molasses, & dried fig.


Brew Recipe 

Brew Method: Hario

Grind Size: Med-Fine (7 on EK)

Coffee Weight: 23g

Water Weight: 350ml

Water Temperature: 207°

Bloom (weight & time): 50ml - 30 sec

Brew Time: 3:00

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