Three Sisters Bundle

Three Sisters Bundle

Our tried and true blends, in a bundle! Our flagship blends, named after the landmarks and landscapes of the beautiful place we call home, have been meticulously crafted by our roasters to showcase outstanding and unique flavor profiles. Each bundle contains:

  • One 12oz Black Butte Gold, dark roast
  • One 12oz Sisters Blend, medium roast
  • One 12oz High Desert Sunrise, light roast. 

And, at $1 off each bag, there's no reason not to try all three!

Want to know what makes each blend stand out? 

Black Butte Gold:

A customer favorite for decades, Black Butte Gold has been with us since the very beginning in 1989. Coffees from Brazil, Colombia and a rotating Indonesian are blended together to create a dark roast profile that's both timeless and unique. Our selection is based upon the freshest, most delicious, crop. No matter how it's brewed, this blend delivers a rich cup with notes of dark chocolate and roasted almonds, complimented by a heavy body. Tried and true, this blend is certain to be enjoyed by all.

Roast Level: Dark

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Clove and Roasted Almond

Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra

Sisters Blend:

Our namesake blend has been created to evoke the spirit of the Three Sisters Wilderness. This blend of American and African coffees creates a heavy bodied cup with a smooth, clean finish. Both the Sumatran and Brazilian coffees are roasted dark to best suit their individual flavor characteristics. Notes of thyme and cedar wood round out the profile and give this coffee an arboreal feel. Perfect for crisp, cool mornings real or imagined.

Roast Level: Medium/Dark

Flavor Notes: Toasted Walnut, Cedar, Thyme, Brown Sugar

Origins: Central America, South America, East Africa

High Desert Sunrise:

Characterized by sparkling citrus, honey and candied hazelnut, this blend consists of Latin American coffees. The roast level is on the lighter side, highlighting the bright acidity and sweetness of these coffees. The perfect coffee for crisp summer mornings in the Central Oregon High Desert.

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes: Candied Hazelnut, Honey, Citrus

Origins: Latin America

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