Panama Hortigal Estate
Panama Hortigal Estate

Panama Hortigal Estate

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Nougat, Pecan

Farm: Finca Hortigal

Varietals: Typica & Caturra

Processing Method: Washed

On the misty green slopes of Volcan Baru lies Hortigal & Jaramillo Estates, owned and operated by Nadiea Suarez. Preceded by her family, the Suarez's have been tending to this farm for multiple generations. Nadeia’s coffee journey actually started generations prior when her great grandfather, Vidal, settled in Boquete in the 1800s and began cultivating the land, first with a mix of different crops, eventually concentrating solely on coffee production. In 1989 Vidal’s son and Nadeia’s grandfather, Papi, purchased land and built Beneficios de Cafe de Boquete. In 1990 Papi also purchased Hortigal Estate, adding it to the growing family business. In 2017, after the passing of Papi, Nadeia’s grandmother, Eira Nadeia, decided to split the family farms, ending their interdependence and give them to her six children. Nadeia’s mother, Eira Maria, inherited Jaramillo and Hortigal Estates who incorporated the farms, dividing shares between herself and her three daughters, with Nadeia taking on the responsibility of Nadeia learning coffee cultivation and running the operations of the farms.

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