The globally acclaimed Geisha varietal, originating from Western Ethiopia, near Gehsa mountain, boasts an unparalleled quality with remarkable fruit and floral notes. Renowned for its delicate and complex fruit-forward profile and an exquisite flowery aroma, Geisha has secured its position as the world's highest-rated coffee.

Unveiling Excellence: Geisha by Jaramillo Estate Limited Release

We are thrilled to announce our latest Grow Together limited release coffee, Geisha by Jaramillo Estate, Boquete, Panama. Panamanian Geisha is widely considered the finest coffee varietal in the world, and we cannot wait to share this exceptional coffee experience with you.


Owned and operated by Nadeía Guerra Suarez, the Hortigal & Jaramillo Estates bear a rich family history spanning multiple generations. Nadeia's roots in Boquete, Panama, trace back to the late 1800s when her great-grandfather settled in the region and began cultivating the land. In the 1940s, her grandfather, Vidal, transitioned from growing vegetables and potatoes to focusing exclusively on coffee, expanding his business from one farm to a collection of them. His visionary approach led to the acquisition of Hortigal Estate in the 1990s, each farm boasting a unique terroir and microclimate, contributing to the success of the family coffee business.

Following Vidal's passing in 2001, Eira Nadeia managed the farms until 2017 when she divided them among her six children. The stewardship of Hortigal & Jaramillo Estates then passed to Eira Maria, Nadeia's mother, who co-owns the farms with Nadeia and her sisters Carmen and Lourdes. Taking charge in 2017, Nadeia has focused on providing the business with the necessary structure and tools for growth. Drawing from the experiences of her uncle Norberto and farm manager Medardo, Nadeia has dedicated herself to mastering coffee production and quality, actively overseeing the thriving coffee trees, including Caturra trees on the lower slopes of Jaramillo and a Geisha lot in the upper reaches of the farm.

In collaboration with Medardo, Nadeia walks the coffee fields, ensuring the continued prosperity of the crops and embodying a commitment to excellence in every aspect of coffee cultivation


Our Geisha release is a part of our Grow Together initiative – special coffees sourced from farms around the world that share our passion for crafting a stronger, more sustainable coffee industry through authentic relationships and memorable experiences. 

Discovery at Hortigal Estate

In 2019, our journey led us to the discovery of Nadeia’s Hortigal Estate as we sought a new Panamanian coffee to introduce—the first since our founder, Winfield Durham, offered Panama Red years ago. The standout crispness and potential on the table prompted us to make our inaugural purchase that year. Subsequently, Nadeía reached out to co-owner Jesse Durham and Director of Coffee Sourcing & Quality Khristian Yurchak. This connection led to a visit to Nadeía's estate in Boquete the following March

Shared Roots and Entrepreneurial Synergy

After that visit, a profound connection with Nadeía and a remarkable synergy with her entrepreneurial journey unfolded. Her story, navigating an uncharted path, resonated deeply with us, reminiscent of Sisters Coffee’s own bootstrap origins when we started roasting coffee in a wooden shack back in 1989. The trip created a strong bond and a shared appreciation for the challenges and triumphs faced by young entrepreneurs like Nadeía and ourselves

Culmination in Geisha: A Growing Partnership

Aligned with Nadeia’s vision and deeply impressed by the quality of her coffee and ethical operations, we were committed to nurturing and expanding our relationship. The culmination of this growth is our Geisha release, representing years of collaboration that has brought us closer and enriched all our lives in countless ways. This coffee is not just a product; it's a testament to the enduring partnership that has flourished over time

The Location

Volcan Barú, towering over northwest Panama, surpasses the height of Central Oregon's Three Sisters. Cloaked in jungle and draped in unique mist known as bajareque, Barú experiences a distinct climate formed by the collision of ocean air from the Pacific and Atlantic over its ridges. Boquete, nestled on Barú's eastern flank, boasts a perfect climate, earning the region the moniker "Valley of the Moon." This area's exceptional terroir, shaped by cooler temperatures and volcanic mists, provides an ideal environment for high-quality coffee, notably slowing the maturation of Geisha coffee cherries. Perched on the misty green slopes of Volcan Barú, Hortigal & Jaramillo Estates, overseen by Nadeia Guerra Suarez, embody this extraordinary setting above the town of Boquete

Our Two Geisha Offerings

Tres Montañas

Tres Montañas is a day lot named for the Three Sisters mountains outside of our beloved hometown of Sisters, Oregon. Harvested on February 14th and meticulously dried on raised beds for 18 days, Tres Montañas erupts with notes of peach, hibiscus, & lime.

Pajaros del Valle de la Luna

Pajaros del Valle de la Luna is named for the lush valley where Jaramillo Estate lies. Harvested on February 14th and meticulously dried on raised beds for 17 days, Pajaros del Valle de la Luna erupts with notes of nectarine, grapefruit and honey.