Tanzania Umoja Washed Peaberry
Tanzania Umoja Washed Peaberry

Tanzania Umoja Washed Peaberry

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Dried Fig, Molasses, Bakers Chocolate

Farm: Umoja

Processing Method: Fully Washed & Dried on Raised African Beds

Born and raised in Tanzania, Keremba Warioba felt the call of his homeland while working abroad and returned to found Communal Shamba in 2017. Today, Communal Shamba grows and processes exceptional coffee from two farms, Umoja and Kipenzi. They focus on post-harvest processing to highlight the unique qualities of Tanzanian coffee.

When Communal Shamba started, they lacked the infrastructure to process washed coffees and produced only natural coffees. Since then, Keremba has added equipment to process washed coffees from Umoja, his largest farm. This method provides a different perspective on his exceptional beans. Washed after harvest and fermented for a brief 48 hours, the coffees are then carefully dried on raised beds to finish the process.

Tanzania is renowned for its peaberry coffees, a natural mutation where the coffee cherry produces a single, small bean instead of the usual two. At Communal Shamba, peaberries are processed alongside other washed coffees and sorted during the dry milling stage before export. Thought by some to have superior and intriguingly delicious profiles due to the cherry investing more into the single seed, Umoja Peaberry features notes of dried fig, molasses, baker’s chocolate, graham crackers, and pecan.

Discover the unique flavors of Tanzanian coffee with Communal Shamba, where tradition meets innovation.

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