Ethiopia Kochere Intenso

Ethiopia Kochere Intenso

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Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Concord Grape, Brown Sugar, Plum

Farm: Small Holder Farmers

Processing Method: Washed

Kenya Kithungururu Farmers Cooperative Society - Kithungururu Factory is located in Embu county on the south eastern flank of Mount Kenya. Coffee trees grow in rich red volcanic soils, where the ripest of cherries are harvested twice a year by cooperative members, before being delivered to the factory. Stringent processing undertaken by the factory: floating out bad cherries prior to depulping where water further separates out most dense and best beans. Those beans are then fermented and washed with flowing water, further refining the beans that remain. Finally the coffee is dried and sorted into grades. This coffee is an AB separation of the November/December harvest and boasts notes of concord grape, caramel, and plum.


Brew Recipe

Brew Method: Hario v60

Grind Size: 7.5 on EKG

Coffee Weight: 19g

Water Weight: 300ml

Water Temperature: 207°

Bloom (weight & time): 50ml - 30 sec

Brew Time: 3:00

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