Guatemala El Milagro Bourbon Especial
Guatemala El Milagro Bourbon Especial

Guatemala El Milagro Bourbon Especial

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Dried Blueberry, Cola, Golden Raisin

Farm: El Milagro

Varietals: Bourbon

Processing Method: Washed

 El Milagro, owned by Juan Villatoro and his son Milton, is situated just outside the town of Hoja Blanca. Finca El Milagro, meaning "The Miracle," gracefully ascends the mountainsides of a steep valley, rapidly gaining elevation. At the farm's summit, the cool air delicately envelops the bourbon coffee trees, slowing the maturation of the coffee cherries and enhancing the development of sugars within them.

Milton, in collaboration with his cousin Rodin Villatoro, has dedicated efforts to perfecting post-harvest processing and refining the enzymatic profile of their coffees. Following the harvest, the bourbon coffee cherries are transported to the quaint town of Hoja Blanca, where the family's residence is located and coffee processing takes place.

The coffee undergoes a meticulous process, beginning with depulping and a 36-hour fermentation in open-air concrete tanks. Subsequently, it is transferred to handcrafted raised beds, where it undergoes a careful drying process lasting over two weeks.

This Especial micro-lot from El Milagro boasts distinct notes of dried blueberry, cola, golden raisin, caramel, honey, and clove, complemented by its light and crisp acidity. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary flavors crafted with dedication and expertise by the Villatoro family.


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