Peru Rutas del Inca
Peru Rutas del Inca
Peru Rutas del Inca

Peru Rutas del Inca

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Mandarin, Brown Sugar, Clove

Silky Body and Faint Acidity

Farm: Rutas Del Inca

Varietals: Typica, Caturra, Paches, and Bourbon

Processing Method: Washed

Cooperativa Agraria Rutas del Inca was founded in 2013 with just over thirty members. Rutas, as it is commonly known, now has three hundred and nine members spread across three districts in northwestern Cajamarca, Peru. Cooperative member farmers grow coffee on family-owned plots, typically ranging from one to three hectares. They intercrop their coffee plantations with other subsistence crops to diversify their income and provide food for their own families.

After harvesting, the producers wash and dry their coffee at their farms or homes before delivering it to the cooperative headquarters in Querocoto. There, the cooperative assesses the coffee’s quality before carefully blending it into larger lots. The exceptionally high growing elevations around Querocoto slow the maturation of the coffee cherries, allowing sugars to develop within the beans, resulting in a rich flavor profile.

We are delighted to offer coffee from Rutas for the seventh consecutive year. We taste notes of mandarin, brown sugar, clove, and dried fruits.

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