Ethiopia Guji Washed Intenso Yeast Fermentation
Ethiopia Guji Washed Intenso Yeast Fermentation

Ethiopia Guji Washed Intenso Yeast Fermentation

Roast Level: Light

Flavor Notes: Lemon, Honey, Orange Blossom

Farm: Smallholder Farmers Around the Biru Bekele Drying Station

Varietals: Heirloom

Processing Method: Washed, 72 hour yeast fermentation, & 16 days drying on raised beds

Guji, located in southern Ethiopia state of Oromia, is known for the beautiful coffees it produces. This lot from forty five smallholder producers around the village of Odo Shakiso is special due to the way it is fermented after being washed. After farmers sell their cherries to the Biru Bukele dry staytion the coffee is washed and fermented with a specific yeast strain from Scott Labs, called Intenso. A slurry with the yeast is added to the fermentation tank to promote specific microbial activity during seventy two hours of submerged fermentation. This makes fermentation more predictable for the producer and allows them to encourage the enhancement of specific enzymatic flavors within the coffee. The end coffee is delightful with notes of lemon, honey, orange blossom, lime, and chocolate.


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